biology : evolution

what about the jaws and lateral appendages ?

what caused the jump from lamprey to gnathostomes?
why did tetraploidy appear at this very evolutionary step?
  • dare question what you have been
  • check the data
  • check the literature
  • estimate on your own the relative
    value of the old and new theories.
gnathostomata : heirs of the chordates and of the insects

We question everything that does not seem clear. Darwin did the
same and he had to face some resistance.
Will you dare follow his steps and test the new theory in the lab?
philosophy : Questioning for the mere pleasure of it. More than that, it is one of the
biological drives; looking for food, looking to reproduce, looking for the world rules
that facilitate reaching the first two drives.

In later installments we shall explore the creation of the universe and the big bang,
subjects already studied in our books : author, Bruno Leclercq
Philosophy: accepting the data
   challenging the conclusions.
We say we are part insect part chordate
find out why.....
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